Friday, March 14, 2014

Wichita Falls, TX

Before Dallas, TX the only other big city we drove the RV through was Jacksonville, FL. We almost took a route around the city, but felt it would be a good experience. 

It wasn't as bad as we thought. The only hard part was making sure we were in the correct lane. We were in some areas where the interstate was 8 lanes wide going one way. Lots of lane changes!

Soon after the busy city of Dallas, we were heading north towards Wichita Falls. This was when the scenery really started to change. 

The RV park we stayed in was a state park right off the interstate. It was connected to a huge park that had Frisbee golf and miles of walking trails. We ventured out and went on a three mile walk to the Wichita Falls. It was beautiful!

We stayed at the Wichita Falls RV Park. It was very close to a park with tons of trails including on that lead to the Wichita Falls. We took the dogs to go see it. We thought it was so cute that Honey (Boxer Mix) wanted to jump in the water but Suede (Pit Bull) "scolded" her. They are always looking out for each other. :)

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