Saturday, March 15, 2014

Amarillo, TX

One of the times we stopped for gas, Josh talked with a passerby at a gas station. He warned us that the pan handle of Texas was a very boring drive. He was so right! There were lots of railroad tracks that ran parallel with us. The scenery was bleak and flat. The sky was still as big as ever! Josh and I don't have a radio or CD/tape player in the RV, so I have started reading out loud from our Nook Color while Josh drives. This drive was the first time I had ever seen an oil derrick. 

The RV park we stayed at was next to a farm. There was a donkey and alpaca next to the fence that separated the park and farm. We walked the dogs over to the fence to see how they would react. Suede seemed to really love the donkey. Honey was more curious about the alpaca. It was cute! 

We only stayed in Amarillo for one night. We decided to try a different route to Utah that would take us through Colorado. Our alarms set for 4:30 the next morning, we went to sleep. No amount of sleep could prepare us for what happened the next day!

Here's some video clips of our drive from Wichita Falls, TX to Amarillo, TX.

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