Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little About Ourselves

Meet our home for the next year or so! This is a 1986 Jayco Jay Mini 25 foot with a Ford Chassis diesel engine with only 47,000 miles. The fridge, oven, and generator run on propane and electric. We have a solar panel and satellite dish on top.
My boyfriend Josh and I sold our cars to get an RV and travel. Singing is my passion and, after going to an American Idol and X Factor audition, we realized getting on the show is like winning the lottery. The producer might choose you because you remind them of their sister. At the same time, the producer might not choose you because you remind them of their sister. So we decided this would be the easiest way to hit up all the audition cities. I work customer service online for Mayday Games, so where ever there is Internet, there's a job. It has its perks, but like any job it can be pretty demanding at times. Oh! I almost forgot the other important two people going on this journey!

Meet Honey and Suede!
Honey is on the left and Suede is on the right. Let me give you a little history on our little girls.

We found Honey in the fall of 2010 in Spencer, NC. I was bringing a friend home on the back of my scooter and at an intersection in the neighborhood, I saw Miss Honey bear at the corner barking at a fenced in Dalmatian. She was so little and so cute!...and skinny. I called Josh right away and he skated down. Josh scooped her up and got on the back of the scooter and I drove us home! I'll never forget seeing her ears flop in the wind from my rear view mirror. She seemed so comfortable in Josh's arms. We put up 'found' posters all over town, got some calls, but the owner was never one of them. She got parvo within the first 6 months of having her. The surgery was outrageously expensive, but the vet told us how to try and beat the disease at home. Give her 1 ice cube every hour and take her out. No food. For 3 days. And we had to keep her in a separate room because parvo is highly contagious and we didn't want to get Suede sick. Sure enough, our little fighter Honey pulled through! And we've had her ever since. Her favorite toy is the rope. She'll fetch anything you throw for her. And if you tie her up outside, there's a 90% chance she'll dig up that area in 15 minutes. We're not sure what kind of dog she is but we've been throwing change in a change jar for about a year now.  A DNA test at Pet Smart is only a hundred bucks. Hopefully we'll know for sure soon!

We got Suede when she was 2 years old in 2010. I think. LOL Suede belonged to one of Josh's friends and they couldn't take care of her any more. Josh has known Suede since she was a puppy so of course he wanted to help. I was nervous about having a Pit Bull as a dog, but only because of the negative association I had learned from society. Josh compromised and asked if we could have a trial run before we accept full responsibility. My entire opinion about Pit Bulls and animals in general changed for the better from that day forward. Suede is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She nuzzles you when you lay down, and she is the best snuggler! She was bit by her mom when she was a puppy and had to have a drain tube that went through her head and out of her neck. She was also hit by a car and broke both of her hips. I didn't know Suede when all of this happened to her, but I'm glad she had owners that did everything they could to save this precious little angel. Since we've had her, we have had complications with her skin. Now we believe she is allergic to fleas but we were told everything from chicken to beef was the issue. She's been on deer meat and potato diet for 2 years now. Suede does not get along with other dogs. I don't know why. It took a couple of weeks for her and Honey to even be in the same room. Even after having them for three years, the last time they got into a fight was about 3 months ago. Don't get me wrong though! At the end of the day, they are a pack and they love each other. They sleep together and play. Suede's favorite toy is the tennis ball. Not only will she fetch but she will rip the entire thing apart in minutes. She loves stuffed animals too. She loves to pull the stuffing out them. We just decided that until we see Cesar Milan, Suede is just going to stay away from other dogs until we can fix this issue. She's come a long way and we broke a lot of her bad habits. We love our dogs so much. Our lives would not be complete without them!

Nice to meet you!
Josh and I met in May of 2010. A friend introduced us. I didn't have anywhere to stay at the time, and Josh let me stay with him for awhile. Our chemistry didn't allow us to be friends for too long. 2 months later, we were dating. We rented a house in Spencer, NC for a year, and then moved to Wilmington, NC. We've been in Wilmington for the past 2 years and ready to leave. It's a nice town; there's always something to do and with the beach being 15 minutes away, where can you go wrong? After hitting up the music scene and enjoying some of the downtown nightlife, we realized this town just isn't right for us. We like to go to punk shows together. We walk right up to the stage, and enjoy the music. We dance. We shove. We dance to ska. Being a wallflower is not in our vocabulary. We both have big hearts and are always willing to help others at the drop of a hat. Wilmington just doesn't seem to have enough people like us, so we're leaving. We don't have a set destination in mind, but with all of our options I'm sure we will find a town we like somewhere!

Ever since I was a kid, I have a wanted to be a singer. I recently learned how to play guitar and have been addicted to it!! Check out my YouTube channel to hear me play! Like! Subscribe! Comment! Share!
My YouTube Channel!
My mom's YouTube Channel! - She posted a lot of videos from when I was in high school.
I'm excited to have a blog for our new life and to share our journey with others.