Friday, January 24, 2014

Montgomery, AL

We were excited to leave Florida and head north to explore a different state: Alabama. First stop, Montgomery!

Montgomery was one big shopping mall. Every where you looked there were stores. Pretty much everything you could do there (minus the historical stuff) you can do any where else. We hardly saw any small businesses. It seemed the city was filled with only "corporate America" style businesses.

As always after a long day, we were excited to get to our campsite. Our GPS, it seemed, was not too excited. It took us past the RV park a couple of times before we finally saw the place! The Woods RV Park and Campground was tucked away behind a gas station, Burger King, KFC, and Arby's. We were literally in their back yard! The campground itself was very clean and very well-maintained. The staff was super friendly, and once again we were enjoying cable. 

Unfortunately the weather was awful during our three night stay in Montgomery. It was very cold and windy. At night, the wind chill made the temperature drop to about twelve degrees Fahrenheit. The harsh weather kept us from enjoying some historical things in the area like the Civil War Walking Tour.

After such a short stay it was time to hit the road again. We needed to continue our journey for The Voice audition in Nashville, TN. 

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