Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Walterboro, SC

Hitting the open road!

When we stopped in Walterboro, SC on 12/15 Josh wasn't feeling too well. We boon docked at the local Walmart to wait for the Vision Center to open the next day. We were one of about ten RV's staying in the parking lot that night. We read online some tips on how to boon dock respectfully at a store: don't run your generator, don't pull your patio furniture out, don't pull your slides out, leave your step in, basically just keep quiet and to yourself and stay inside. Surprisingly, all of these RV's broke every single one of those rules. That didn't make us change our minds about following the rules though! We hunkered down, and I read the second book in the Hunger Game series, Catching Fire out loud for our entertainment that night. 

Josh with one eye dilated 
The next day Josh went to the eye doctor and gave him some steroid drops and antibiotics. His allergies had gotten so bad, it caused an infection. Josh had to stay out of sunlight and rest for at least three days. We were a bit disappointed to delay our trip, but knew it was necessary for his health. We stayed at Green Acres Campground and it was beautiful. The entire park is covered with pine trees. We were able to put up our dog runners and let the dogs enjoy the sunlight wile we were outside. Not only did they have a dog park, but they had an agility course with tires to jump through and planks for the dogs to walk up and down on. They certainly enjoyed themselves!! The showers were clean and the lady working the desk was straight to the point but friendly all the same. All of the sites were level and clean. My only complaint about this place is that it is right off I-95. We could hear the interstate traffic all day and all night! Josh saw this as a positive because the park was so easy to find, and it was easy to leave. But that didn't matter so much to me. I would rather stay in a nice quiet park that is a couple of miles off the interstate then be next to one.
To give Josh's eye a break, I got to do all of the driving :)

On 12/17, Josh had to go back to the eye doctor for a follow up. The infection in his eye was disappearing, but his sinus cavities were still feeling clogged. After buying allergy medicine and some groceries, we went back to the park so he could continue his recovery. 

Walterboro is a cute small southern town. From the park to Walmart, the speed limit fluctuated from 45 to 35 to 25 to 35 and then back to 45. I enjoy going the speed limit, but I surprised to see everyone else following the same rules! 
The Slave Relic Museum

Look an anvil!
The next day, we were ready to go the Slave Relic Museum. The ONLY REASON why we stopped in Walterboro was to go this museum. We double checked their museum hours and headed out. As soon as we pulled up, we were a little nervous because there weren't any other cars in the driveway. We still parked, walked up to the door, and knocked. No one came to the door. They have a HUGE sign in the front yard saying their museum hours and days and still there was no one there. A neighbor mentioned she had seen the owners out that morning, but had no idea where they had gone. Apparently the owners of the museum live upstairs in the house. We were able to take pictures of some of the stuff they had on the front porch and in the yard. I really wish we were able to go inside and see all the things they have from the slave era. Dismayed, we left and continued on our journey down south.
All of the things we didn't get to see in person

I'm guessing this is what the plantation used to look like
Some old chains

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